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SMALLRIG Cage for Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera/ Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 1773 is a perfect cage for Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera or Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera. It is made of one piece of the high quality aluminum, so that the cage is lightweight and it is perfectly matched to your camera. With two screws on the bottom to mount camera, the camera will be very stable when you're shooting. Two strips in the back to protect the battery and it is convenient for handhold. There is enough space on both sides to HDMI expansion port connectors and it is more easier to access to SD card. There are NATO-style side rails and two cold shoe mounts which can mount with more accessories. Besides, you can purchase another product SMALLRIG Lock HDMI Protector 1693 and  to protect the HDMI and support the Metabones.

Quick Details:


BMMCC Rig SmallRig BMMCC Cage

  • Full access to buttons.
  • Multiply mounting options are available through intergrated NATO rail.
  • Can be adjusted in 90 degress during the operation.
  • Tailored mounting threads in front for your metabones adapter.

Package Contents:

Package Includes
1 x BMMCC Cage
3 x 1/4"-20 Screw
1 x Hex Spanner

Photos in Use:

Product Dimensions: 85.3x98x69mm
Net Weight: 190g Package
Size: 170x153x82mm
Package Weight: 210g
Material: Aluminum Alloy

Why SmallRig:

SmallRig has been dedicated to CUSTOM DESIGN for 9 years, we aim to convert your needs to actual products. We encourage and advocate ideas or suggestion about product or services. More than that, we also have:

1.Affordable & preferential price;

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