Bộ truyền hình ảnh không dây Zhiyun Wireless Transmount Image Transmission Transmitter

2,890,000 đ

Số lượng

Tư vấn & Mua hàng - Gọi 0868601169

  • Hàng chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc
  • Giao hàng ngay (Nội thành TP.HCM)
  • Giao trong vòng 2 đến 3 ngày (Toàn quốc)
  • Hỗ trợ trả góp


Thanh toán với thẻ visa,...
  • Work With Weebill S: Except working with the camera (Image transmission only supports camera which is HDMI output P format), it can also work with Weebill S, which makes video shooting easier and more professional
  • APP Support for Both Android & IOS Platforms: ZY App supports both Android & IOS Platforms, that can turn on your mobile phones and pads into professional monitors, allowing easier multi-tasking and even improving your working efficiency
  • Stunning performance: With 1080P 30fps ultra-low latency transmission (100-meter distance) featuring LUT, Pseudocolor, Focus peaking, Zebra Stripes and etc, professional monitoring and livestreaming can be easily achieved on a gimbal
  • Connect 3 mobile devices: it's able to livestream to 4 mobile devices at the same time, making sure every department on-set can monitor in real time, saving budget and improving efficiency
  • Compact size & easy mount: In its compact size, the Zhiyun image transmission module can be directly mounted under the quick release plate neatly
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